2021-04-15 - The module of train formation and management has been added

2021-04-01 - Functionality of invoicing has been extended. Added possibility to create diversified tariffs as per duration of storage

2021-03-10 - The map has been developed. There are now possibility to monitor information about container movements in real time.

2021-01-21 - Sufficiently extended the functionality of reach-stacker and crane operators. Container placement forecast has been added.

2020-11-10 - Internal and external messages via system, which is more convenient and faster than email.

2020-11-01 - Change of container owner and container selling.

2020-10-11 - Invoicing and tariff system has beef improved. Possibility to create flexible tariffs for each costumer of the stock.

2020-09-21 - The work for logistics companies has been optimized. Possibility to manage more than one container terminal at one time.

2020-08-13 - was added to the 3D visualization. You can see the change in real time on your terminal.

2020-06-07 - added support for Chinese in the administrative panel.

2020-05-14 - added functionality for working with General cargo. Updated section reporting on the general cargo for operators. All the main traffic indicators in the clients’ personal account are displayed.

2020-05-01- Multiple updates (expansion of functionality) of all sections of the system. Updated information for the customers and integrated XML data exchange systems with Maersk

2020-03-15 - version 3.060 has introduced the services section for terminals

2020-03-05- introduced an import system in the applications and container section.

2020-02-28- Revised the application system, improved the functions of receiving from transport, added a version for sea terminals and receiving from railway tracks

2020-02-25-version 3.011 updates the storage card functionality and extends the interface for the loader account.

2019-07-27 - introduction of a container map with a history of tracking movement by sections, tiers, and cells. Ability to edit the map by the administrator. Graphical display of container numbers and types in the desired position. Recorded in the history of the movement around the cells.

2018-08-20 – the notification system has been improved, the ability of different devices notifying with possibility to select the notification option for process member has been added.

2018-08-07 – a lot of small improvements, integration of the defects visual editor

2018-07-07 – updating EDI data exchange, applying new methods

2018-02-07 – redesigned layout structure and functionality; ability to make calls from any device is available: PCs, smartphones, tablets with iOS and Android

2017-09-07 – automatic bill sending with differentiated interval

2017-08-28 – convenient acts filtering at the terminal

2017-08-12 – ability to manage multiple stocks by client

2017-06-07 – notification system integrated for various terminal services

2017-05-25 – additional verification of dispatcher actions for error elimination

2017-04-03 – advanced statistics of the terminal

2017-02-28 – improved customer reporting system

2017-02-03 – client’s office functionalities improved; stock statistics in xls/pdf has been added

2017-01-26 – advanced tarification system integrated

2017-01-13 – full redesign and update of the functionality; system version 2.0


07.06.2020 Functions and solutions -Terminal Operating System (TOS)

Accounting for Talman operations. Address storage at the terminal.

07.06.2020 Multi-language

Chinese version added


Our system works with all major operators automatically using the EDI system. It is also tuned to send reports to any local stock in USA, Germany, Russia, China and etc.

  • Easy adjustment for transport lines. As a bonus, we provide assistance in the integration and import of terminal data.
  • more:
  • ANL
  • Arkas Line
  • APL
  • CCNI
  • China Shipping
  • CSAV
  • Delmas
  • Ecu-Line
  • Emirates Shipping Line
  • Evergreen
  • Gold Star Line
  • Grimaldi
  • Hamburg Sud
  • Hanjin
  • Hapag Lloyd
  • Hyundai
  • K-Line
  • Kuehne & Nagel
  • Maersk
  • MCC
  • MOL
  • MSC
  • NYK
  • OOCL
  • PIL
  • Safmarine
  • RCL
  • SCI
  • Seago Line
  • STX Pan Ocean
  • T. S. Lines
  • Wan Hai
  • Yang Ming
  • ZIM